Are Cellulite Reduction Treatments Suitable for All Skin Types?

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Cellulite is undeniably one of the most frustrating cosmetic concerns, thanks in part to its undesirable appearance and stubbornness. Over-the-counter products, at-home solutions, and even weight loss typically do little to improve the classic dimples and rippled texture of cellulite. However, there are some professional treatment options that can dramatically reduce cellulite and give patients up to a year or longer of smoother skin they can feel confident about. At Gynecology and Cosmetic Surgery Center of Atlanta, Dr. Gerry Sotomayor offers advanced cellulite reduction treatments using the cutting-edge Cellulaze™ system. Curious about whether you are a candidate for Cellulaze cellulite reduction? Read on to learn more about Cellulaze, including what skin types it may be considered safe and appropriate for, how it works, and what to expect during and after your cellulite reduction treatment in Atlanta, GA.

How can I get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite, which refers to the bumpy, dimpled areas of tissue that often appear on the legs, buttocks, and abdomen, is caused by fat cells that bulge between tightly connected bands of fibrous tissue. A common misconception about cellulite is that it only affects overweight people. In reality, even thin and fit patients can develop cellulite. Unfortunately, cellulite is notoriously difficult to get rid of with at-home products and methods alone. For the most effective cellulite treatment and longest-lasting results, patients should consider professional cellulite reduction. Cellulaze is a popular, minimally invasive cellulite treatment option, offering convenience, versatility, and long-lasting results.

How does Cellulaze work?

Cellulite reduction with Cellulaze involves first numbing the treatment areas with local anesthesia. A thin wand is then inserted beneath the skin via a small incision, and laser energy is used to melt away fat cells and release the connective bands of tissue, resulting in a smoother skin texture.

Where can Cellulaze be used?

Cellulaze cellulite reduction is most commonly performed in the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

What skin types can Cellulaze be performed on?

Because Cellulaze is designed specifically to smooth away cellulite dimples and not for skin tightening purposes, ideal candidates should have fairly good skin elasticity. For patients with concerns regarding skin laxity, wrinkles, or sagging skin, Dr. Sotomayor may recommend another treatment — like ThermiTight® RF skin tightening — instead of or in addition to cellulite reduction.

Is Cellulaze safe for dark skin tones?

Generally speaking, cellulite reduction treatment with Cellulaze can be performed on most skin tones. However, patients with dark skin and/or a history of keloid scarring may be at an elevated risk of unwanted side effects, including the formation of visible scars after cellulite reduction treatment. Prior to Cellulaze treatment, Dr. Sotomayor will closely assess your skin, discuss your health and medical history, and determine whether Cellulaze may be an appropriate and effective treatment option for you.

Smooth away unsightly dimples and show off sexier skin with nonsurgical cellulite reduction in Peachtree Corners, GA

If you are self-conscious about cellulite and have found little success with at-home cellulite creams and other treatment options, minimally invasive Cellulaze may be the effective and long-lasting solution you’ve been searching for. Discover more about the benefits of Cellulaze for cellulite reduction by calling Gynecology and Cosmetic Surgery Center of Atlanta in Norcross, GA, to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Gerry Sotomayor today.

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