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What Is ThermiTight?

ThermiTight is a cutting-edge treatment at Gynecology and Cosmetic Surgery Center of Atlanta that addresses signs of aging on the body without surgery. As a minimally invasive procedure, ThermiTight delivers controlled radiofrequency (RF) energy deep into the subdermal tissue layers to remodel collagen and produce smoother, tighter skin. The treatment is ideal for all skin types and can be used to target wrinkles and sagging on the face, neck, breasts, abdomen, thighs, and arms. As an added benefit, ThermiTight involves very little downtime when compared to surgical procedures, like liposuction. During an appointment near Norcross, GA, Dr. Gerry Sotomayor can assess your skin and create a customized treatment plan for your goals.

How ThermiTight Works

ThermiTight is an outpatient procedure performed at our Norcross, GA office. After placing a small amount of anesthetic solution into the treatment area, Dr. Sotomayor will place a thin probe into the targeted region and use gentle motions to heat up the tissues beneath the skin. ThermiTight employs state-of-the-art RF technology that maintains a consistent temperature during the treatment. By heating the deep layers, the RF device helps to promote collagen production, which creates smoother, tighter skin. The treatment itself takes about an hour. You may have some mild swelling and bruising over the next few days, but these effects are temporary. Typically, results can be seen within the next 3 – 4 weeks with continued improvements over the next six months or so.

Schedule a Consultation

At Gynecology and Cosmetic Surgery Center of Atlanta, Dr. Gerry Sotomayor has helped numerous individuals achieve youthful outcomes with the minimally invasive ThermiTight procedure. If you are looking for a nonsurgical alternative to firm up sagging skin and tighten wrinkles, schedule a consultation near Norcross, GA. Our team looks forward to helping you look and feel amazing.

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