How Can Men and Women Benefit From Cellulite Treatment?

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Cellulite is an exasperating yet potentially inevitable issue for millions of men and women across the United States. Cellulite is a fibrous tissue that grows under the skin, and even those who are slim and make a great effort to maintain their shape may eventually be beset by cellulite. These growths generally occur around the hips, thighs, and stomach, reducing many people's confidence and self-image.

Dr. Gerry Sotomayor can help you regain your physique through the revolutionary Cellulaze technology, which can smooth over cellulite and significantly reduce its appearance with effortless results that can last up to a year. Simply call us today at our Gynecology and Cosmetic Surgery Center of Atlanta office in Norcross, GA, to explore your options.

How can men and women benefit from cellulite treatment?

Cellulaze is a game-changing laser-based system that attacks cellulite at its source, breaking apart the bands of connective tissue that give cellulite its unaesthetic, lumpy, physique-ruining look. Better yet, Cellulaze works its magic by applying minimally invasive lasers to melt away fat, giving patients near Peachtree Corners, GA an extra appearance-improving advantage.

Plus, its gentle mode of action means you won't have to worry about it causing collateral damage or harming the neighboring, healthy tissues. You also won't have to suffer the downsides of rival, outdated techniques. Cellulaze removes the lengthy downtime and painful recovery periods associated with more invasive surgical procedures. It also does away with the possible side effects of slimming medications or drugs that promise to bust fat and cellulite, but may not produce the desired results.

All these advantages combine to make this state-of-the-art treatment option an excellent choice for Atlanta-area individuals who would like to diminish the unsightliness of cellulite in common trouble areas, including the buttocks, thighs, hips, and stomach.

What can I expect from cellulite treatments via Cellulaze?

Your personalized treatment regimen will begin with a professional, detail-attentive consultation. We'll discuss your hopes, expectations, and concerns as Dr. Sotomayor formulates the most efficient plan of action based on your unique needs, body type, and the extent and location of cellulite and fatty tissue.

The procedure is virtually painless, as we apply a local anesthetic to numb the targeted areas. The fat-busting, cellulite-diminishing work is carried out with an exceptionally thin laser wand that's placed under the skin. It then delivers potent yet gentle-acting laser energy to pull apart the fibrous bands that give cellulite its unaesthetic appearance while melting fat for a double dose of slimming action. The procedure should take less than an hour, and you'll likely be able to resume daily duties the day following your procedure. Results should become visible in a few months and can last around a year.

Melt fat and bust cellulite with Cellulaze in Norcross, GA

Dr. Gerry Sotomayor is happy to offer our Peachtree Corners and Atlanta-area patients the many benefits of Cellulaze. This advanced, laser-based treatment is a multi-functional technique that can reduce the lumpy, bumpy, dimpled appearance of cellulite. It can also help you appear younger and give you healthier, more vibrant-looking skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. So, if you'd like to look better and shed some fat from commonly troublesome areas, please don't hesitate to contact us today at Gynecology and Cosmetic Surgery Center of Atlanta.

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