Which Body Areas Can Benefit the Most From Liposuction Treatments?

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One of the most exciting benefits of liposuction surgery is that it can be used to remove stubborn, excess fat almost anywhere on the body. Some areas, however, have become highly popular as liposuction treatment sites for their positive response to treatment and the dramatic transformations that can be achieved as a result. At Gynecology and Cosmetic Surgery Center of Atlanta, experienced gynecologist and aesthetic provider Dr. Gerry Sotomayor performs advanced liposuction fat removal surgery to help Norcross, GA men and women slim down their most stubborn areas and finally achieve the smoother, sexier contours they desire. Ready to discover how liposuction may benefit you? Keep reading to learn more about liposuction surgery, and find out which areas of the body may be well suited to treatment.

How much weight can I lose with liposuction?

One of the first and most important considerations for patients thinking about liposuction surgery is that the procedure is not designed as a weight loss tool, nor should it be used as a substitute for diet and exercise. Instead, liposuction aims to help reduce stubborn pockets of fat that have not responded well to traditional weight loss methods, including reduced caloric intake and increased physical activity. On average, it is typically safe to remove about eight pounds of fat during liposuction surgery, but this will vary based on a number of individual patient and case factors.

Where are the best places to get liposuction?

Even the smallest and seemingly inconspicuous areas — like above the knee or on the wrists — may benefit from the slimming effects of liposuction fat removal. However, for the most dramatic transformations that can help to smooth out contours, accentuate curves, and give your overall physique a slimmer and sexier new look, consider these highly beneficial treatment areas for liposuction:

  • Abdomen
  • Male chest
  • Hips
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Neck/chin

By strategically removing fat in these areas, liposuction can help patients drop clothing sizes, achieve more defined contours, lose inches, look younger, and transform their physique in a noticeable way.

Will liposuction tighten loose skin?

Ideal candidates for liposuction surgery should have good skin elasticity, as removing fat may actually exacerbate loose skin for patients with pronounced skin laxity. During your initial consultation for liposuction in the Peachtree Corners, GA area, Dr. Sotomayor will assess your skin laxity, evaluate the location and amount of excess fat present, and determine whether liposuction may be safe, appropriate, and effective for you. In some cases, patients with loose skin may benefit from nonsurgical skin tightening and/or body contouring in addition to — or potentially instead of — surgical liposuction. Some of the popular nonsurgical body contouring and tightening solutions offered to our Atlanta, GA patients include:

Is liposuction permanent?

With a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a stable weight over time, the results of liposuction surgery can last for years or even decades. Still, it is important for patients to keep in mind that future weight gain — including that associated with pregnancy — can compromise liposuction results and lead to the return of unwanted pounds and inches. For the longest-lasting results possible, patients should wait to have liposuction surgery until after they are certain they are done having children and are committed to maintaining a stable, healthy weight.

Emphasize the curves you love — and lose the ones you don’t — with liposuction in Norcross, GA

With targeted fat removal using liposuction, you can join the many men and women who have reinvented their looks and changed their lives for the better. Start your journey toward loving your body once again by calling Gynecology and Cosmetic Surgery Center of Atlanta to schedule your liposuction consultation with esteemed gynecologist and aesthetic specialist Dr. Gerry Sotomayor today.

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